CARGOS (poza1)

International Road Transport

CARGOS company offers groupage road transport in Central and Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark). Our partnership with international companies in Europe, creates the possibility of lifting the cargo each day, regardless of country and city. We guarantee your cargo transportation in the best conditions and with optimal costs.

CARGOS offers the following services groupage road transport to / from Europe:

  • Road transport of loads from 1 kg to 1300 kg
  • EXPRESS Road transport of loads from 1 up to 250 kg (for loads that do not contain dangerous goods)
  • Organizing transportation for import / export
  • Transportation of general cargo and dangerous goods
  • Processing documents for shipments in work
  • Issuing customs clearance (EX1)
  • Assistance and advice for making imports / exports
  • CMR Insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Assistance in cargo handling
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Customs declaration

To give you a  price for transport please provide the following information on shipments: collection address, the weight of the goods, the size of the goods, and type of goods.

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us :

Tel: 022 636660/ 022815805
Fax: 022639590/ 022815806
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